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Every wedding day is truly one of the most awaited days in anyone’s lives. Anybody who has been married or about to be would know how much planning and preparation a memorable wedding entails. Every detail, from the entourage’s outfits to the bride’s blue and borrowed garter to the flowers on the bridal bouquet, requires attention and care. What most of us don’t know, though, are the origins of these common wedding traditions.

Greek brides in the ancient times would actually carry clusters of herbs and spices instead of flowers. The herb-spice bundle is put together and carried by the bride for its magical powers to ward off evil spirits. In these modern times, this aromatic bouquet has evolved into colorful arrays of tulips, roses, or peonies that all look magical, nonetheless.

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Bridesmaids, in the olden times, did not wear colorful and contrasting motif-based gowns that make the bride stand out. On the contrary, bridesmaids wore matching dresses very similar to the bride’s. In early Roman times, the similarly-dressed bridesmaids were tasked to intervene should there be any vengeful past paramours and confuse evil spirits that may be hovering around the bride. On the other hand, the Best Man’s former duty was to make sure that the bride does not escape during the wedding ceremony. Other times, the best man is asked to even kidnap the bride away from disapproving parents. And the best man is not given the honor because he is the groom’s brother or best friend. The “best” in the title actually identifies the strongest and most capable man, skilled in weaponry and combat, to protect the couple from enemies or attacking rivals during the ceremony.

These days, the bouquet and garter tosses could fall into extreme categories: they could either be very exciting or downright frightful for all the single guests. Historically, though, the bouquet toss was not just a parlor game-type of wedding highlight. In the past, couples do not wait until the honeymoon to consummate the marriage. The married couple are expected to “do the deed” immediately after exchanging vows, and tossing the bouquet was supposed to be a distraction so the bride and groom can escape to their tryst while all the single ladies fought for possession of the thrown bouquet. The groom’s tossing of the garter was symbolic of his “triumph” – the garter was like a trophy as the groom emerges from the married couple’s bedchambers after making the consummation “official.”
Truly memorable weddings outlast the actual day and brides and grooms will always want to cherish the memories made for as long as possible. Lucky for us, it is now possible to immortalize each of our wedding traditions through the wedding cinematography videos @( and return to the magical moments anytime we wish. This is why picking the best videographer for weddings require utmost care. Go with the Singapore wedding photographer and videographer that knows you and how best to capture the moments that matter most. The best videographer for wedding will have a wide array of wedding photography packages that are guaranteed to eternalize every loving detail placed on each cherished wedding day.


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