You might have attended weddings more times than you can count, each of varying degrees of perfection. But none of those times will ever be as meaningful as when it is your daughter or son who is walking down the aisle. Make your child's wedding day one he or she can cherish forever by being flawless in your roles as parents of the wedding couple.

It is tradition that once the couple has announced their engagement to their respective families, the groom’s mother calls the bride’s family to express their delight in the happy news and to arrange a get-together of families. These days, it matters not who makes the first call, but it is still gracious for the bride’s family to wait a few days after the announcement and allow the groom’s family the opportunity to honor tradition. If parents are not physically available within the first few days of an engagement announcement, a surrogate parent (like a stepfather or legal guardian, etc.) can fulfill the call. The important thing is that…


Through generations, the groom selects among his closest and most esteemed friends and family to take on the roles of Best Man and Groomsmen. Being asked to be the best man in your brother’s or best bud’s wedding is indeed an honour. You’ve been his “go-to guy” through most, if not all, of his life -- now he needs you to be his main man during a crucial turning point. Accept this honour with great care and respect, and fulfil your best man duties to the best of your abilities.

Before the wedding day, one of your most important responsibilities is to plan and throw a bachelor party for the groom. Enlist the groom in planning the kind of party he wishes to have – after; of course, you have confirmed that he wants one at all. First, pick a date that is most convenient for him. Then, decide on an activity wherein the party will centre on. Bachelor parties don’t necessarily have to be too rowdy, raunchy, or bold. You could rent jet skis for an exhilarating day at the beach, watch a big box…

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It’s been a time-honoured tradition for the bride-to-be to pick among her closest and dearest friends and family to take on the role of Maid of Honour. Everyone knows that the Maid of Honour is the bride’s most trusted, number one all-around support system. You have carefully been chosen support her in what is to be one of the most important days of her life. Now, the question is: what are your roles and responsibilities as a significant member of the bridal party?

You, as the maid of honour, traditionally take charge of throwing a bridal shower or otherwise referred to as the bachelorette party. Involve the bride in planning the kind of party she wishes to have. That is, of course, after you have confirmed that she wants one at all. You might also be needed to help in picking out the wedding dress, as well as the dresses for the bridesmaids. Give great thought and allot plenty of sincere opinion in this task. As the lead bridesmaid, you will most likely be relied upon in coordinating…


You and your fiancé have made the eventful journey of planning your dream wedding. All the tasks and responsibilities listed on your checklist have been ticked off, all throughout staying conscious of maintaining decorum or the etiquette expected of soon-to-be-weds. You’re almost at the finish line… almost. Now all you need to do is get through the most magical day of your lives. Here are a few tips for every marrying couple to make it through the ultimate day in grace and style.

Walk down the aisle with poise, a gracefulness befitting the centre of the entire event. The bride should hold the bouquet by the stems with the flowers tilted slightly forward. The groom, usually the head of the whole procession, could do nicely to smile at guests as he makes his way down the aisle, acknowledging their valued presence.
As an additional, important reminder especially to the groom, you should make a mental note to avoid any form of “arm-pumping” at the end of the ceremony.You and your lovely br…


Traditionally, the bride selects among her closest and dearest friends and family to take on the roles of Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids. The groom, on the other hand, chooses his Groomsmen and Best Man with the same level of thought and consideration.

You have carefully been chosen by the marrying couple to support them in the first celebration of their lives together. Now, the question is: what are your roles and responsibilities as a member of the bridal party?
Everyone knows that the Maid of Honor is the bride’s most trusted “Girl Friday”. You, as the maid of honor, traditionally takes charge of throwing a bridal shower or bachelorette party. One of your earliest tasks needs to be to confirm with the bride how she wants it thrown, if she wants one at all. You are also to offer your help in coordinating bridesmaids’ activities such as dress fittings, photography sessions, and other task delegation. Also, take the initiative to help out in the tasks involving addressing or sending out…


One’s wedding day is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated days in anyone’s lives. Anybody who has been married or about to be would know how much planning and preparation a memorable wedding requires. The more efficient the wedding planning is, the more memorable the actual day is bound to be. You would be wise to get the nitty-gritty out of the way as early as you are able. This way, there is less and less stress as the magical day draws nearer and nearer.
After the heady feeling from the engagement settles, it’s time to get down to business. The first thing to do is to organize the whole event, preferably on paper. Draw up your Wedding Checklist and Budget. There are tons of wedding checklist templates online that you can refer to for guidance. You will just need to personalize it as necessary. It could be good to refer to several samples when making your own, and then reviewing and updating your checklist every now and then, just to be sure that there is nothing you are mis…


Every wedding day is truly one of the most awaited days in anyone’s lives. Anybody who has been married or about to be would know how much planning and preparation a memorable wedding entails. Every detail, from the entourage’s outfits to the bride’s blue and borrowed garter to the flowers on the bridal bouquet, requires attention and care. What most of us don’t know, though, are the origins of these common wedding traditions.
Greek brides in the ancient times would actually carry clusters of herbs and spices instead of flowers. The herb-spice bundle is put together and carried by the bride for its magical powers to ward off evil spirits. In these modern times, this aromatic bouquet has evolved into colorful arrays of tulips, roses, or peonies that all look magical, nonetheless.

Bridesmaids, in the olden times, did not wear colorful and contrasting motif-based gowns that make the bride stand out. On the contrary, bridesmaids wore matching dresses very similar to the bride’s. In early Ro…